My New Home

So, I have finally gotten my house in enough order to take some pictures of it. Had to move a bit on it since the young lady is bringing me the beast to watch till she gets a place of her own.

So, here goes:

This is the living room and yes, that is a window seat. I have a futon that separates, so I was able to put the end of it by the window for the window seat.

And this is my small patio. As you can see, I already have an array of plants on it. What would my home be without my plant friends??

And this is my kitchen and dining area. I know it all looks cluttered still, but I am still trying to find creative ways to get things placed. It will all look better in a couple of months.

Next, we move up to the loft. As you can see, I have almost recovered the library from the boxes. There are still a handful left, but I am working them up a couple at a time. And laying on my chair is the only “Pink Fluffy Thing” that Sephi owns. *snicker*

And this is looking down from the top of the stairs. And yes, that is a spiral staircase. Most cool! And a fireplace to keep my old bones warm in the wintertime. Life is good!

The bedroom is not included at this time as it is still a long way from being even close.

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