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My New Home

So, I have finally gotten my house in enough order to take some pictures of it. Had to move a bit on it since the young lady is bringing me the beast to watch till she gets a place of her own.

So, here goes:

This is the living room and yes, that is a window seat. I have a futon that separates, so I was able to put the end of it by the window for the window seat.

And this is my small patio. As you can see, I already have an array of plants on it. What would my home be without my plant friends??

And this is my kitchen and dining area. I know it all looks cluttered still, but I am still trying to find creative ways to get things placed. It will all look better in a couple of months.

Next, we move up to the loft. As you can see, I have almost recovered the library from the boxes. There are still a handful left, but I am working them up a couple at a time. And laying on my chair is the only “Pink Fluffy Thing” that Sephi owns. *snicker*

And this is looking down from the top of the stairs. And yes, that is a spiral staircase. Most cool! And a fireplace to keep my old bones warm in the wintertime. Life is good!

The bedroom is not included at this time as it is still a long way from being even close.

Whitby Island

These are pictures of the sky from the ferry on the trip we made to Whitby Island.

Ok, so I have often been accused of being delusional or taking my own private trips, but I swear there is a peace sign in the clouds.

Just never remember seeing clouds like this when I was down south.

And a pretty Thistle plant

Bed & Breakfast

I decided to give myself a treat on the next leg of the journey and I stayed at the most adorable Bed and Breakfast for a night.

Of course, I wound up in the room that had the painting of a girl looking at a dead bird (sorry about the glare, but there really is a dead bird behind the glare).

They had 2 pet black swans at the manor. I was told that they came from Australia. I had to say when they complained to get out of their enclosure first thing in the morning, I learned that they are quite loud! But, they are most beautiful!

And this was the view from the patio!

And I must say that the breakfast they served me was one of the best breakfasts I have ever had!

Karissa Visit

The next stop of course was to see the awesome young lady and to say goodbye to the mutant.

She made me go to this really, terribly, horribly bad comic show with her. But, we made the best of it anyway!

She’s gotten cute, hasn’t she? Don’t tell her though, it might swell her head more than it already is.

I guess they have made up again and now I am petless for the first time in a couple of decades. *sigh*

My Journey North

So, I thought I would try joining in on this silly thing and begin with my new life and some pictures of the start of my journey.

My first stop was with my friend Tina and this is what it looked like from her balcony.

Most lovely farmlands right outside her balcony and way off in the distance is the ocean!

We went the next day to see this really remarkable cemetery (ok, I do admit to this real love of cool old cemeteries) But, just look at these pictures and you will understand why it was so cool!!

They decorate these things with all sorts of ornaments, plant gardens on them, etc. They have literally made these really cool shrine/homes for their departed friends and loved ones.

This was a most unusual one! The Madonna here is on a black crescent moon. So far, I haven’t found anyone that can explain what this signifies.